• We are not a stunt union, stunt association, or stunt school, and do not endorse any schools.
  • We do not, nor ever will offer any public or private classes for stunt training. Stunt training is only offered for cast members of film and television productions that the team have worked or are currently working on due to safety and liability reasons.


LBP Stunts Chicago was co-founded in 2006 in Chicago, IL by team director Emmanuel Manzanares, and has since become an emerging group of SAG-AFTRA stunt performers, fight choreographers, and fight coordinators that specialize in various types of fight choreography, action design, and stunt performance for film and television productions based primarily in the Chicagoland and Midwest area. We also have branches in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York.

We're also making things happen behind the scenes either for pre-production or during production, with services such as:


  • Action Design/Pre-Vis Conceptualization
  • Filming/Editing Stunt Pre-Visualization (Pre-Vis)
  • Stunt Training & Rehearsals for cast members of Film/TV Productions
  • Stunt Performance
  • Fight Choreography/Coordination
  • Action Direction/Coordination
  • Assisting Stunt and Fight Coordinators to realize their vision of action design for the production on screen
We have put our unique brand of stunt performance and action design on film and television productions, as well as motion capture for video game productions and print ads for photography shoots.

To get a taste of what we can perform and execute as a team or individuals, check out our team demo reel below:

We strive to use our experience to perform and safely coordinate action, fight, and stunt sequences for film and television productions that are not only exciting, but unique in execution.