DIVERGENT (2014): LBP Stunts working on the finale fight with fight coordinator JJ Perry of 87Eleven Action Design in Chicago, IL

FATE OF THE FURIOUS (2017): Team members Alex Hashioka and Nate Hitpas working in the prison sequence for 2nd Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator JJ Perry in Atlanta, GA

WONDER WOMAN  (2018): Team member Mickey Facchinello doubling actress Robin Wright as part of the stunt women ensemble for Stunt Coordinator Damon Caro

IRON FIST, SEASON 2 (2018): Team members Nate Hitpas, Tony Vittorioso, Sarah Irwin, and Emmanuel Manzanares in rehearsal with Stunt Coordinator Clayton J. Barber and the fight team in NYC

RAMPAGE (2018): Team member Greg Poljacik working for Stunt Coordinator Rick Lefevour in Chicago, IL

SKYSCRAPER (2018): Team member Emmanuel Manzanares in Pre-Production for 2nd Unit Director JJ Perry at 87Eleven Action Design in Los Angeles, CA

TITANS, SEASON 2 (2019): Team members Brendon Huor and Emmanuel Manzanares fight coordinating the season finale fight for Stunt Coordinator Tim Connolly in Toronto, Canada

TENET (2020): Team member Dominique Smith as part of the core stunt/fight team ensemble for Stunt Coordinator George Cottle

BLOODSHOT (2020): Team member Emmanuel Manzanares co-fight coordinating and running action "C" cam for 2nd Unit Director & Stunt Coordinator JJ Perry in Cape Town, South Africa

THE HUNT (2020): Team member Sarah Irwin doubling actress Hilary Swank for Stunt Coordinators Heidi Moneymaker & Hank Amos in New Orleans, LA

FARGO, SEASON 4 (2020): Team member Greg Poljacik performing stunts for Stunt Coordinator Chris Nolte in Chicago, IL

CHICK FIGHT (2020): Team member Holly Dowell doubling actress Malin Akerman for Stunt Coordinator Shauna Galligan in Puerto Rico

BLACK WIDOW (2021): Team member Mickey Facchinello, doubling actress Scarlett Johansson for 2nd Unit Director & Fight Coordinator James Young in Budapest, Hungary

MORTAL KOMBAT 1  (2023): Team members Alex Hashioka, Brendon Huor, & Nate Hitpas performing mo-cap stunts for Stunt & Fight Coordinator Emmanuel Manzanares in Chicago, IL

MADAME WEB (2024): Team member Holly Dowell doubling actress Dakota Johnson for Stunt Coordinator Brycen Counts  in Boston, MA



LBP Stunts Chicago was co-founded in 2006 in Chicago, IL by team director Emmanuel Manzanares, and has since become an emerging group of SAG-AFTRA stunt performers, fight choreographers, and stunt/fight coordinators that specialize in various types of action design, fight choreography, and stunt performance for film and television productions based primarily in the Chicagoland and Midwest area.

The team also have branches & team members based in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City.

As a collective, we offer a variety of services either for pre-production or during production, with services such as:



We have put our unique brand of stunt performance and action design on film and television productions, as well as motion capture for video game productions and music videos/commercials.

To get a taste of what we can perform and execute as a team or individuals, check out our team demo reel below:


We strive to use our experience to perform and safely coordinate action, fight, and stunt sequences for film and television productions that are not only engaging to an audience, but unique in execution.