Our team members have worked under and collaborated with some of the top professional stunt teams around the world, and have worked across the nation and worldwide on a variety of film and television productions. With our variety of skill sets and experience, our stunt team has performers to fit all of your productions' needs.

Take a moment to view the profile of each team member, and see how we can benefit your production for whatever you may need.

All of our current team members are "SAG-AFTRA" members and are thus considered UNION stunt performers.

We do not have any non-union members.

 Emmanuel Manzanares

 Shawn Bernal

 Alexander Hashioka-Oatfield

Greg Poljacik

Brendon Huor

Mickey Facchinello

Nate Hitpas

 Tony Vittorioso

Dominique E. Smith

Sarah Irwin

Erin Clyne

Alex "Fresh" Meglei

Holly Dowell

Brian Jansa

Christopher McClure

Mario Sanchez


 J.J. Perry

Vlad Rimburg

Clayton J. Barber